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About Us

One day this past February, a reporter for an anonymous website requested to interview the contributors for Beauty from the Heart. We managed to obtain a transcript....

How did you come up with the idea for Beauty from the Heart?

Kristin: Beauty from the Heart was haphazardly started late one evening in September of 2005. I had just go
ne to bed and the burden to encourage young ladies towards to serve the Lord came upon me. This wasn't the first time, however.

Two years earlier, I had published a girls newsletter with that purpose, but circumstances had caused me to give that up. Yet the burden to encourage girls was still present and I was looking for another avenue to continue that ministry. I spent the night praying, thinking and scribbling out name ideas. The result? Beauty from the Heart.

Hannah: The next day, I received a phone call from Kristin.
She and I had been longtime readers of each other's blogs. Eventually that had morphed into email correspondence. I wouldn't typically support the idea of "meeting" someone on the Internet and befriending them, but we realized through our mutual blogging that we shared a love for our Savior. So, when Kristin had the inspiration to begin a website dedicated to young women, she knew she could count me in.

Interviewer: Now that explains two of you, but how did Lindsey and Stephanie join?

Hannah: After listening and hosting a wonderful speech of Stephanie's, I asked (on behalf of Kristin and Lindsey) if Stephanie would be interested in writing for the blog and she enthusiastically agreed.

Recently, Stephanie left the Beauty from the Heart team. While we are saddened by her departure, we admire her for following God's call to leave and look forward to witness what God does through her.

Lindsey: When Hannah and Kristin first started Beauty from the Heart, I was so thrilled! I bookmarked the blog, and it quickly became one of my daily reads. As I continued to visit, God used it to challenge me in my walk with the Lord.

Hannah: Meanwhile, Kristin and I had been reading Lindsey's blog for a while. We both agreed one day, "This is great stuff!"

Lindsey: Then, one day in February, to my great astonishment, I received an email from Hannah, asking if I would prayerfully consider becoming a contributor to the blog! After praying and discussing it with my parents, I excitedly told Hannah that I would love to.

Looking back, I can hardly believe that it has been nearly an entire year. The relationships that I have developed with Hannah and Kristin are priceless treasures. God has blessed me during this past year more than I could have possibly imagined! I have been amazed to see His sovereign plan enfolding, bringing all of us together. He is so good!

Interviewer: What beliefs/convictions were you hoping to express through Beauty from the Heart?

Kristin: We believe that it is the highest calling of every man and woman to pursue God above all else. A desire for modesty, purity, and the embrace of our feminine roles are the "side-effects" in a young woman's life; they are the result of wanting to honor God with every action.

Interviewer: What are some of BftH's hopes/dreams for this year?

BftH Contributors in Unison: Uhh... (Crickets begin chirping in the background) That's confidential.

Interviewer: What can I say? I'm a nosy reporter....

(Above: Kristin, Lindsey and Hannah)

Want to email us? Our address is contact.bfth[at]gmail.com