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Articles and carnivals...

Recently, I came across an article by a blogger who frequently comments on my mom's blog. Just the other day, she posted on modesty and I thought she had some great thoughts.

First, a godly woman should dress and act in such a way that is chaste and modest. Alright, but what are the working definitions of these words? We don't have in the bible the books of First and Second Hem Lengths, so obviously it is more than a matter of conforming to a set of exact rules. No great surprise there. Christianity isn't about a set of rules which you follow which then brings about righteousness. It is Christ who makes us righteous and it is a matter of the heart, not how many good rules we can come up with. However, we tend to think that the shortest distance between unrighteousnes and righteousness is a good law and thus we get many of the problems we deal with in discussing modesty of dress.
This is an excellent article that is well worth reading.

Sallie over at Two Talent Living (the same lady who hosted the Blogs of Beauty Awards) has put together a Blogs of Beauty carnival. There is a different theme to each one and this weeks theme was Beauty of the Limits. While some of the articles aren't about feminity specifically, they have been of great encouragement to me.