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To Wear Or Not To Wear...

While surfing the internet the other day, I came across this article by Elisabeth Elliot concerning modesty. She quotes some letters from her readers and has some very good thoughts on the subject:
"What does modesty mean? Well, it means placing a low estimate on one's own merits, not being forward or showing off. It means unpretentious. Modesty means to be free from undue familiarity, from indecency, from lewdness, pure in thought and conduct. Speaking of modest apparel, it means decent, seemly. The opposite of modesty is conceit, boldness, immodesty, brazenness, lewdness.

Let's think first what immodesty says about us women before we talk about what its effects may be upon others. What are your Christian standards? Do you seek to be noticed, to make a splash when you come into a room? Or do you seek to be simple, humble, gentle and quiet in spirit and not wearing the very latest fashions nor looking frumpy by wearing something that's way out of date."

More on modesty:

  • PurityGirls.com conducted an anonymous survey regarding what clothing is modest and what is not. The results of this survey is an eye-opener, though I only recommend it to mature readers. (The survey can be read here. Click on the pink "modesty survey results" icon in the lower part of the page.

Good stuff. you may want to check out the Maheney ladies' Modesty Checklist here: http://www.sovereigngraceministries.org/pdf/teaching/modesty_heart_check.pdf

Good reminder. It is so hard to find modest apparel in today's stores!

Oh man, that really WAS a good reminder! Thank you for posting that. Even now I'm going through my clothing and checking off what I need to consider discarding.

That was a great post!! Thanks!! :o)
A wonderful book on the subject of modesty is Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty, by Dannah Gresh. It really gives us insight into how immodest clothing affects guys!! -And how immodesty is really sin!!

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i didn't see the "pink Modesty Survey results icon" on the page i was led to. kindly post the results again. thank you. and God bless your efforts!

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