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The Appointment

September 14th, 2006. 11:59 PM

I was sitting at my (computer) desk. It was my birthday. Little did I know, it would contain the most shocking event of my life (thus far.) It was a dark and stormy night...minus the stormy (It's Texas. It never rains here.)

Rumors had been circulating that a mysterious stranger from Michigan had arrived. She stepped in the doorway, her dark fedora covering her eyes. (Okay, minus the fedora.) In a strong Midwestern accent, she tried to say, "Howdy." I recognized her at once. In spite of her disguise, I knew we had met once before.

As we discussed plans of a blog-that-will-remain-anonymous, her eyes continued to shift to and fro. She peered through the window every few minutes or so, as though she was afraid of something...or someone.

Rap, rap, rap. The mysterious Michigander jumped at the unexpected sound. The door slowly creaked open, and my boss (Actually, it was my dad) beckoned me downstairs. "Help your mom with the groceries," he said, with a suspicious glimmer in his eyes.

Cautiously, I stepped down the stairs. What were they planning? Was it a trap? It was then that I saw...the someone. It was her. She shrieked and I gasped, overwhelmed by the drama of the moment. It was the girl--from California! She announced that her name was "Agent 90210," (also known as "Lindsey.")

The next day, after a sleepless night, we agree to a rendezvous in a dark alley (Actually, a store). As I applied my fake moustache, the Michigander straightened her fedora and Agent 90210 played with her magnifying glass, we collided into an infamous gumshoe. "Stephanie!" we shouted at once.


We must admit, our meetup was not exactly like that--but it was pretty close. Lindsey's arrival was kept a secret from me (Hannah) until midnight when she walked in the door.

L to R: Hannah, Stephanie, Kristin & Lindsey

We're having a blast. We'll keep you updated.

Gumshoe, The Michigander, Agent 90210 and Yours Truly

Whoa, that is just thrilling! It's so great to see you all together! I was wondering if Lindsey's arrival was the other surprise. :-) Keep having a blast, girls!

*shakes head*. It's too bad Alex, Jake, Travis, and I couldn't do something like that. Have fun! :-D

Too fun! Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures.

How fun! I know you all are having a blast!

Too fun! Happy Sweet Sixteen!!
*shakes head* man, now I'm jealous, too!
We'll have to have a ROC conference someday. :-D

WOW! That is so cool!!! It makes your website more complete having a picture of all 4 of you together. Of course I would like to meet you all and many others in the blogophere in person someday.

To think about it, I think I'm a little jealous now \:

Happy Sweet 16 and thanks for sharing!!!

Oh wow, how fun! I just thought it would be Kristin coming over. Hope you girls have a blast!

That's really awesome! =D

Hehehehee!! Glad you're having a good time girls!

Awww how neat! I had something similar happen to me about a month ago, when I (to my surprise) got to meet the other writers on a Constitutional newsletter that I do the graphics for. So I know how wonderful and fun it can be to get together with friends from across the nation! Have a tremendous time!!!! :) :)

Oh, and happy belated birthday to Hannah :) :)

How fun!! Thanks for posting pictures, and happy belated birthday to you, Hannah!!!


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I liked your post Hannah, it made me laugh the way you wrote it. :-)

Happy sweet sixteen, Hannah Beth! It sounds like you got a wonderful birthday present! =)

I was wondering what the rest of you looked like!

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