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I Had A Witty Title...

...but it's now forgotten.

The time has come for our Rare (Approx. Once A Year) Personal Update. Since we're positive someone out there has wondered how we're doing (to that lonely number, we send our thanks) we've decided to supply an answer.

Lindsey has been busy doing all things Lindseyish, including the Three R's: reading, writing, and...reading. ('Rithmetic isn't Lindseyish.) This past week, she and her family had a blast at the Sacramento Rebelution Conference. Unfortunately, Lindsey also forgot her camera (though no one has since allowed her to forget that she forgot) or else we'd have more to show for it. More recently, Lindsey has been under the weather. If you think of it, please pray for her.

Kristin has been reading an assortment of interesting books, babysitting, and this past month attended the 2007 New Attitude Conference. College is on the horizon, so she's been studying (a lot, from what I've heard.) On a more significant note, she's about to celebrate her graduation (!).

I've been catching up on some much needed reading time. So far I'm enjoying what John Piper has to say in his book, The Dangerous Duty of Delight. However, it may last me all summer, since I want to really chew on it before returning it to my shelf. I'm also running errands for my family since the new arrival of...my driver's license. It's been a long time coming. (You can draw your own conclusions there. Laugh if you want.)

Most of the other items on my To-Do list are for Beauty from the Heart...wait...that's still a secret. Oops. If anyone asks, you didn't hear about it from me. Besides getting myself in trouble with my big mouth, I'm also hoping to brush up on my foreign languages during the summer (...which may only enable my mouth to get me in more trouble.) But for now, I'm almost out of words.

Adieu, zai jian and hasta luego.


Well, I know she is no longer part of the team, but I would still be interested in hearing about how Stephanie is going...

Stephanie has been keeping busy working, taking part in plays, and she just told me that she's also been working on a movie project. Here's the website and trailer if you're interested: http://www.dallaschristianfilmmakers.org/index.php

Wow, I'm really looking forward to seeing all that there is to come!

Keep on keeping on.

Haha, I love it when you get to rambling, Hannah :)

I still haven't gotten my licence, so I know how that goes. I'd hoped to get it before exiting the teen years, but no such luck. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be too much longer; I'm sure by the time I do get it I'll be running lots of errands, too.

I only just recently found my way to your blog, and I've been impressed and delighted. There seem to be more Christian guys with well-written blogs, than girls. It's great to see girls blogging, too! :-)

It probably says somewhere on the site and I'm just missing it, but I was wondering how old the three of you where? If you don't mind me asking.


Thanks for your comment, Kelsey. To answer your question, I'm turning seventeen, Lindsey is on the verge of sixteen and Kristin is eighteen.

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