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Jesus, Cast A Look On Me

I was shocked when I experienced my first struggle as a believer in Christ. Martyrdom and persecution were, in my mind, the struggles of true Christians. I expected the world to dramatically oppose my faith, but for some reason didn't anticipate the day-to-day challenge of fighting the sin in my own heart. (Oh, how naive can I be?) Because of this, I am incredibly encouraged by brothers and sisters in Christ who have walked the same path, yet still testify of God's grace to overcome.

This hymn is one I heard recently for the first time, expressing the cries of a believer longing to be like Christ. It is a reminder of why we're fighting and of the faithfulness of the Savior who fights by our side:

"Jesus cast a look on me,
Give me sweet simplicity
Make me poor and keep me low,
Seeking only Thee to know

All that feeds my busy pride,
Cast it evermore aside
Bid my will to Thine submit,
Lay me humbly at Thy feet

Make me like a little child,
Of my strength and wisdom spoiled
Seeing only in Thy light,
Walking only in Thy might

Leaning on Thy loving breast,
Where a weary soul can rest
Feeling well the peace of God,
Flowing from His precious blood

In this posture let me live,
And hosannas daily give
In this temper let me die,
And hosannas ever cry!"

-John Berridge (1716-1793)

(Hymn courtesy of Indelible Grace Music.)


Hannah, you did really good job on this website. I admire your such great work. I believe one day you will have your dream come true. As a reader, I think your writing is really touched and I love it!! Keep your hard-working!!

Crystal Wu

Hannah, thank you... I needed that.

~Christina Hastings

those are absolutely beautiful thoughts...

Jesus cast a look on me,
Give me sweet simplicity
Make me poor and keep me low,
Seeking only Thee to know

Makes me think of that telecast song 'beauty of simplicity' amazing how God can be so very very big, but all at once make it so simple to be His child. its been awhile since i chekd out the site. love what you sisters are doing here.



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