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Listen Up!

The following message qualified to the 2007 NCFCA National Tournament. Since the topic of Biblical womanhood is near and dear to our hearts (and we hope to our readers as well), we thought this may be of interest:

Feminism vs. Femininity On Three Roles of Women

by Daria Woods

Already listened? Tell us what you think!

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Hallelujah! This is so true. I found the illustrations really help paint a clear picture of the vital role of the woman in the family and home.

Let's not forget that the feminist argument also stems from an incomplete picture of the male: not as a humble servant seeking to be like Christ, but as a domineering, shovenist, womanizer.

Unfortunately, the world cannot understand God's sovereign design of the family and of the true roles of gender. Sin causes it all to break down.

Beautiful job, Ms. Woods. Great speech.

Hey. Your blog is really cool. Come by mine anytime

Thanks for sharing that with us! I enjoyed listening to it. The points she made are so true!

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